The New Booking Diversion Program Essays

The New Booking Diversion Program Essays

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The types of diversion programs that are currently used are, pre-booking, post-booking, and post-plea.
The pre-booking diversion program is also known as a pretrial diversion program, this may be the most beneficial diversion program because it intervenes just before an offender is charged with a crime, and tries to keep the offender out of jail entirely. Highly trained criminal justice personnel usually aim toward offenders that have a serious mental illness and are trained to recognize the symptoms of mental illnesses. If the offender is diagnosed with a serious mental illness, personnel will redirect the offender to a treatment center instead of booking them; this will end the offender’s involvement with the criminal justice system.
The post-booking diversion program also aims at redirecting offenders with mental illnesses or a co-occurring disorder away from the criminal justice system, however, offenders are assessed and screened after they are charged with a crime, and usually require negotiations between criminal justice personnel and the diversion staff. The program will develop a treatment plan for the offender, once the offender has completed the diversion program the crime that they were charged with will be waived. The diversion staff commonly works in courts as monitors or case managers and try to connect the courts to community service providers so they can compromise with each other.
The post-plea program requires offenders to plead guilty to pending charges of the crime; the offenders must participate in a community-based supervised service program or treatment. If the offender completes all of the conditions required their charges will be dismissed.
Jurisdictions that have diversion programs have a greater l...

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...mentation and after implementation, in addition, the system needs to be regularly monitored and re-evaluated to check for effectiveness, without staff training and monitoring components, the system will fail to perform and will have issues with reliability. Some jurisdictions do not test the systems reliability and validity compared to the agency’s offender population, instead, they use the classification system without it being correctly designed and tested. The classification staff and anyone else who is involved in the scoring process must be professionally trained and tested on their scoring skills otherwise the system in unreliable.
Another problem with the classification system is validity; this has to do with predicting an inmate’s behavior. Predictive validity tests the inmate’s behavior and then will test them again in the future and compares the results.

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