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Network Analysis : Dish Network Essay

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Dish Network Analysis
In the digital age, can Dish Network remain a leader in the television industry? What challenges does Dish Network face in the age of streaming? How does Dish Network remain competitive in an ever-changing environment? Below we will discuss a complete analysis of how the company functions inside and out, from the data warehouse and supply chain to the front and back-end customer interactions, sales and programs used for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.
In an ever-changing world, all companies must collect information and pay close attention to new trends in order to stay competitive. For a company such as Dish Network the customer feedback is one of the most important ways to determine what the customers want from their TV provider. Dish Network is able to achieve this through information gained through an assortment of social media and old fashion documentation of customer service calls. Dish Network has a social media team for the sole purpose of answering customer questions, as well collecting information of customer wants and concerns, this is all done through social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. The collected information is then compiled to determine what weakness and strengths exist within the company. Social media allows Dish Network to connect with younger generations of customer. Social media fosters the accessibility and knowledge of the company’s products and fuels innovation through crowd surfing ideas, improves productivity and expands sales methods (Hebner, 2014). Social media for many has become the face of Dish Network. In a society where many communications are done electronically, social media has become a very important tool i...

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...ld include metrics like the amount of sales, amount of cancels, close ration or even call abandonment. Now the information from the sales department is important information needed by other departments like accounting, marketing and payroll. Each databases needs to be accessible to various departments in order for the business to function efficiently. These databases are collected together in a data warehouses. Dish then uses data mining tools to extract information in order to solve whatever problem may be at hand. Many departments have what they call foreign keys, which is information present in multiple locations thus forming a relationship. As an example, payroll needs to know how many sales a person made in order to pay them properly. So the amount of sales would be the foreign key between the sales database and payrolls database.

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