Is TiVo Inc. and Its Struggle to Find Success in The Market

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In this case study we will gain a better understanding of TiVo, Inc. and how it has struggled to find success in a market they are known to be the innovator. At this point there are very few television viewers in North American that do not know what TiVo does for TV viewing. However, most consumers do not know the history or struggles this company has been through since creating the product in the late 1990’s. After reading this case study it is clear the creators of the TiVo were visionaries but it is also clear they were not business people too. Sadly, this might be the eventual demise of the company that clearly had the market in the palm of their hand. We will examine some of their flaws and how TiVo might regain some of the momentum to become a profitable organization.
TiVo has had competitors for the first year that it was conceived which has made it difficult to thrive when fighting for market share. The two major competitors were DVR, and ReplayTV. All made their debut in 1999 and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Replay won the Best of Show award. (Pearce & Robinson, 2013) However years later no one remembers ReplayTV. Whereas TiVo and DVR has gone on to become household names in the market place. However in the early years of this technology TiVo thrive. Using clever marketing slogans such as, “It’s not TiVo unless it’s a TiVo”, “Simple enough you mother could do it, or “Hey if you like us, TiVo us.” Additionally, TiVo engaged in employing celebrities to endorse the TiVo brand. These are all time tested marketing strategies that work to help corporations dominate a market share and drive them to financial success. So why has TiVo dominated the market early but never turned a profit.
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...verything in the consumer’s home. Many techies would love to have a box that stores security video, TV, internet, photos and music. Make that Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled so that they can access it anywhere in the world and you could be on to something bigger.

TiVo’s ultimate failure wasn’t the technology but it was in the business model. It is clear in the case study that not having a business executive running this company from its infancy, in a market with competitors with a well-established business model has stifled TiVo growth, in this industry.

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