Essay on Nature vs. Nurture and the Impacts on Human Intelligence

Essay on Nature vs. Nurture and the Impacts on Human Intelligence

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In current times many psychologists agree that nature (genes) and nurture (environment) both play important roles in the sculpting of intelligence in individuals, they work together constantly to guide maturity. This paper will look briefly at how intelligence is measured and the validity of those measurements. Additionally an argument for how environmental factors; education and parental health may influence the intelligence level of the individual throughout life.
The Wechsler scales, among others are one of the most widely individually administered measures of cognitive function (Wechsler, 1997) and together with other psychometric assessments have proved useful for identifying students with learning needs. The Wechsler scale is also used as bases for the design of suitable educational intervention programs for those identified students. (McCarthy, K., Dyer, S., & Hunter, M. (2002)
Although these intelligence or IQ tests are generally designed to be objective, reduce subjectivity and allow comparison of individual results (Wechsler 1975) these tests are often geared towards the measurement of skills that are important to learning in schools or mainstream educational facilities. Following from that, it is a well-debated point that Schools or traditional educational facilities, extend, or increase an individual's IQ. The tests themselves provide results based on academic intelligence, which may not provide an indication of overall intelligence (Ceci 1991).
A pertinent example of where IQ testing may be geared towards academic intelligence can be found with the 'Idiot Savant'. Idiot Savant is defined by the Oxford dictionary as "A person who has a mental disability or learning difficulties, but is extremely gifted in a partic...

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