Nature 's Harmony, Fairness, And Purity Essay

Nature 's Harmony, Fairness, And Purity Essay

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In the poem, “Lines Written in Early Spring”, Wordsworth displays a theme of nature’s perfection contrasted with the imperfection of humanity. This notion is further promoted through examples of nature’s harmony, fairness, and purity which is viewed as being absent from mankind. The poem calls into question what has become of the human race, implying that perhaps we have completely strayed from the path that nature had intended.
A strong connection to nature is established in the first stanza as the speaker is depicted relaxing in a grove surrounded by the sweet sounds that the environment has to offer. Although there is a seemingly joyful mood created the speaker claims that, “…pleasant thoughts/ Bring sad thoughts to the mind.” (lines 3&4) illustrating that the beauty that surrounds him in nature is exactly what reminds him of the ugliness in mankind and society. This idea is more clearly demonstrated in the second stanza as the speaker personifies Nature who made everything fair, right and equal. The rule of Nature is evident and it is fair to all, however it is man who disobeys ...

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