Natural Disasters Caused By Earthquakes Essay

Natural Disasters Caused By Earthquakes Essay

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Earth has many natural disasters that affect billions of people every year. Whether it is hurricanes, torrential rain, snow storms, or even tornadoes. But there is a natural disaster which unlike the others, is unpredictable. Earthquakes, one of the most feared natural disasters can kill thousands and affect millions when they occur. They can also be a precursor to an even worse event, the tsunami. Tsunamis cause even more damage than earthquakes, and most of the time it is the cause for most deaths after an earthquake. Even with the technology today we cannot predict when and where earthquakes will strike. This alone to me makes earthquakes and tsunamis two of nature’s fascinating and remarkable events.
Earthquakes happen in the crust, which is also includes the lithosphere, the outermost layer of our planet. The crust is comprised of plates. It can be either the continental plates or oceanic plates. Each lie beneath their respective continents and oceans. Earthquakes mostly happen at the edge of these plates whether it be towards each other, or away. Here in the United States we live on the North American plate. Many earthquakes also happen along plate boundaries. There are three types of boundaries, each move in different ways. The first, convergent boundary, this is when two plates move towards one another and ultimately collide. The second, divergent boundary, this is basically when plates move away from one another. The final and least common type of boundary is the transform plate boundary. This is when plates grind against each other and slide past one another. But earthquakes can also happen along faults. Faults are gaps, or cracks in the earth. They are caused when two plates move away from one another. There are also t...

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... and the lives earthquakes and tsunamis can affect.
Unfortunately earthquakes cannot be predicted. The best we can do to prepare is to know what to do if one happens. Tsunamis are predictable to point. We do know if an earthquake happens there is a chance there could be a tsunami. We also have tsunami warnings, which are triggered by buoys in the ocean by bigger than usual waves. We also have systems such as the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System that uses satellites to help us check the surface of the ocean after earthquakes. It is not much but it is the best we can do. Although here in New York we are not susceptible to earthquakes they can happen anywhere at any given time. In case of an event like those in Indonesia and Japan we would need everyone in society to play their roles so we would be able to get through it together. (Stosius et al,. 2011).

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