Native Americans And Hispanic Immigrants Essay

Native Americans And Hispanic Immigrants Essay

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Throughout history, many immigrants who have come to America have faced harsh and brutal discrimination. However, most of these immigrant groups assimilate fairly quickly and are accepted as Americans within a couple of generations. For Asian Americans and Latino Americans, though, it has been a different story. There are a few different reasons as to why Asian and Latino immigrants may have been and continue to be treated differently; these include, discrimination because of the color of their skin, their willingness to do hard work for low wages, nativism, and the strong community and ethnic bonds of Latino and Asian communities.

Not unlike other immigrant groups, Latinos and Asian Americans faced harsh and brutal discrimination from white Americans. However, many immigrants were later accepted to a greater extent than Asian and Latino Americans ever got to be. This is because many other immigrant were white. Although all foreigners were looked down on, whites were generally regarded as superior. Of course, the judges of this superiority were white protestant lawmakers. These lawmakers debated about who would be considered white, and therefore be granted all rights. After some controversy, it was finally decided that Catholics and Jews would be considered white. Latinos and Asians were very clearly white, though, and that was not up for debate.

Eugenics, a pseudo science about the genetic superiority of some races over others, claimed to give credit to the discrimination faced by non whites. Chicanos and Cubans were classified as lazy, whereas Chinese were classified as drug addicts and part of the inferior "yellow race." This inspired many Americans to see foreigners as a serious danger to their own society and culture, a...

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...ive years, America would provide $13 billion in economic assistance to sixteen different European countries through the plan. Hostilities between the United States and the Soviet Union burned brighter during this time and the Cold War hardened.

Although the Marshall Plan was proposed as a humanitarian effort to help the economies of struggling European nations, as well as inadvertently help the U.S. economy and slow the spread of communism, it did beget some controversy. First from congress, and then from the Soviet Union and Stalin. However, the second opposition from Stalin supported support from the same Republican Congress that had originally opposed the plan. Ultimately, it does seem as though the Marshall plan was a success, as it did help many European countries in need, even if it also created more hostility between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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