Essay on The National Science Teacher Association

Essay on The National Science Teacher Association

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Roger Bybee received his first award in 1979. He was recognized for being a leader of American education and an outstanding educator in America. He was then recognized as the outstanding science educator of the year (Bybee, 2013b). In 1989, he was listed as one of the 100 outstanding alumni in the history of the University of Northern Colorado, where he obtained his bachelors and master’s degree (2013b).
The National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) is one of the highest regarded organizations in the science community. In 1998, NSTA presented Roger Bybee with the Distinguished Service to Science Education Award for his work in biological studies (Bybee, 2013a). After this honor, Dr. Bybee went on to chair the Curriculum and Instruction Study Panel for the National Center for Improving Science Education from 1990 to 1992 (Bybee, 2006). He then continued his career at the National Research Council 's Center for Science, Math, and Engineering Education (CSMEE) where he was honored to be elected executive director by fellow leaders in the scientific community.
After leaving CSMEE in 1992, Dr. Bybee was nominated as associate director of Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) (Bybee, 2013b). In 2001, Roger Bybee became the first recipient of the AIBS education award. “This award is presented to individuals who have made a significant contribution to education in the biological sciences” (Bybee, 2006). He received a plaque as well as a lifetime membership in AIBS. In 2007, he received the Robert H. Carleton award, this is the highest honor presented by the NSTA (2006). He received this award for his national leadership in science education and in the science community (2006). Although since 2007, Dr. Bybee has not received any ...

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...f science for all Americans consists of recommendations by a distinguished group of scientists and educators about what understandings and habits of mind are essential for all citizens in a scientifically literate society. Scientific literacy, which embraces science mathematics and technology, is a center goal of science education yet general scientific literacy eludes the U.S. society (1995).
Throughout his career in his quest to demonstrate the importance of scientific literacy, Dr. Bybee advocated for more emphasis in the science fields in k-12 education. “Scientific and technological literacy is the main purpose of K-12 science education; this purpose is for all students, not just those individuals destined for careers in science and engineering” (1995). Scientific literacy is important for all, not just students who plan to obtain a career in a science field.

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