Naruralistic Worldview Is the Denial of the Existence of Supernatural Causes

Naruralistic Worldview Is the Denial of the Existence of Supernatural Causes

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Naturalism as defined by philosopher Paul Draper, naturalism is "the hypothesis that the natural world is a closed system" in the sense that "nothing that is not a part of the natural world affects it (Draper, 2007, p. 6). In order to explain the naturalistic Worldview we must answer some simple questions such as: What is the Nature of Ultimate Reality?; What is the nature of material reality?; What is a human being?; What happens to a person at death?; Why is it possible to know anything at all?; How do we know what is right and wrong?; and What is the human purpose? " Simply put, the Naturalistic Worldview is the denial of the existence of supernatural causes. In rejecting the reality of supernatural events, forces, or entities, naturalism is the antithesis of supernaturalism.
“Thus far there is no evidence that reality is partitioned into nature and something else or something more, whether we call it God, the supernatural, or the paranormal. The naturalist thus discounts the existence of such things, and given her desire for reliable beliefs this disbelief is by her lights rational, not faith-based or dogmatic” (Naturalism, nd). Therefore Naturalisms ultimate reality can only be determined by what were can detect with our senses. If one cannot test it, it is not real. Science requires the ability to be replicated. If the findings cannot be replicated and peer reviewed they are not accepted. Faith in regard to knowledge becomes relative because ones knowing is dependent upon they belief system of the individual.
The naturalistic "world view" is the overall belief that nature itself is all that there is. God did not plan or design it. Intelligence was a result not a cause of the developing world. Nature formed itself by strict...

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