The Myths of Technology: The Future of Society as Depicted in The Movie Wall-E

The Myths of Technology: The Future of Society as Depicted in The Movie Wall-E

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With every decision one makes in life there are the pros and cons of said decision. If one were to eat a hamburger after a fulfilling work out the pros are: the hamburger was delicious, the cons: one now has to work off the burger they so hastily ate. Regardless if one sees the impact of the decisions they make, the pros and cons affect ones choices inevitably. Andrew Stanton uses these pros and cons and shows how they affect one’s life in his movie Wall-E. Wall-E focuses on the aspects technology has on humans living in a disposable society and the world around them. Now more than ever education has become a substantial way to gain status quo, but the use of technology is leading to the decrease in this result. The movie Wall-E illustrates the negative relationships humans have with technology in schools resulting in the lack of proper education and laziness in modern society.
The reference of the future of society, as depicted in Wall-E, foretells of the world being consumed in technology. Wall-E is a robot whose job is to clean up the ample amount of trash covering Earth while the human population is on a cruise ship called the Axiom in space. Eve, a robot name short for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, comes to Earth and finds a plant that shows evidence that life is sustainable on Earth. Wall-E becomes infatuated with Eve and follows her back to the Axiom, where he is introduced to a race that is drowning in technology. Wall-e’s presence causes disorder on the cruise, but with the help of Eve and a Captain fascinated with new found knowledge of Earth they help to overrule the technology around them and return to Earth. The overall background of this movie shows how being consumed in technology has negative effects on ...

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...usly malnourished when it comes to proper education.
It is very true when people say that those who do not know history are bound to repeat it. Just like the person who ate the burger after a good workout it is sometimes hard to realize the pros and cons of what one does in life. The myths of technology can fool anyone who is unaware of its pros and cons. Modern society is one to believe those myths, and the over use of technology can misinterpret the meaning of it as well. Just as Stanton’s creation of a disposable society, our society is leaning toward technology like a person drowning toward a lifeguard. A disposable society is worth nothing and without proper knowledge of the pros and cons of it can lead this world to destruction.

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