Essay on The Myth Of The Dreamer 's Unconscious

Essay on The Myth Of The Dreamer 's Unconscious

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Freud suggested that all dreams are wishes that are buried and want to be expressed, even nightmares (Kahn, 2003). His answer to the challenge from his critics regarding dreams of punishment and nightmares was that those dreams were the wishes of superego and it punishes the dreamer for hosting the wishes that is unacceptable (Kahn, 2003). Freud was very interested in the symbolism of the dreams and he believe that they could be interpreted reliably and give an insight into the dreamer 's unconscious (Kahn, 2003). The risk with dream analysis was that interpretation of dreams and meanings varied with each individual and the therapist could interpret the client 's dream by imposing their symbolism (Kahn, 2003). Freud believed the way to interpret dream was by allowing the client to freely associate and the therapist 's knowledge about universal meanings and symbols of the dream (Kahn, 2003).
Freud 's work has a lot of emphasis on sexual wishes and sexual repressions and therefore, he assumed that some symbols in dreams were symbolism for sexual intercourse, male and female reproductive organ (Kahn, 2003). The importance of dream interpretation has decreased over the years and Kahn (2003) suggested that that dream analysis is not likely to be important in psychotherapy. Nevertheless, while dreams are not always reliable and keeping in mind that not all dreams have meaning, it does provide the therapist with rich information about the client 's unconscious (Kahn, 2003). For dreams, intervention such as teaching the client to about interpretation of dreams and work with dreams allows them to view it in different perspectives instead of thinking it irrelevant (Cabaniss et al., 2010).
Free association was described by Freud as client s...

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... techniques have been expanded and developed (Kahn, 2003). Some of the theories that Freud was incorrect have been developed on, for example, his hypothesis that all repressed wishes are sexual has been expanded on and therapists are aware that repressed wishes are not isolated to sexual in nature (Kahn, 2003). Over the years, there have been various other psychologist that expanded on Freud’s original work and there are many other shapes of therapies that was developed and improved (Kahn, 2003). Therefore, it can be argued that Freud’s insight into the unconscious and theory of psychoanalysis has been revolutionary and has structured the way people view unconscious and mental health. Freud’s work has allowed contemporary therapists to understand the importance of therapeutic relationship in understanding the unconscious forces, and self-understanding (Kahn, 2003).

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