My Views On The Healthcare Setting And A Religious Aspect Of Suffering, Health, And Healthcare

My Views On The Healthcare Setting And A Religious Aspect Of Suffering, Health, And Healthcare

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After taking Religion and Healthcare, I believe I gained a better understanding of the world around me in both, the healthcare setting and in a religious aspect. I think that the main ideas, skills, and information I have obtained through this course will be applicable to my personal and professional life. Understanding how mythic, symbolic, and ritual factors influence human experiences of suffering, health, and healthcare has definitely been a real eye opening experience. Understanding religion and how it does apply to modern and historic medicine is vital to the healthcare and religious communities. I believe, that regardless of your religious practices it is important to educate yourself on other religions so that as an individual you can reach out, relate, and support those with all different backgrounds. This course introduced me to many informational journals, books, and movies that have changed my views on suffering and mortality in multiple religious traditions. My favorite topics in this course were Dax’s Case and William May’s Journal, The Patients Ordeal. I believe these stories changed my views and beliefs about patients dealing with life altering changes that one cannot simply understand unless they had endured it themselves. This course taught me the importance of analyzing the “religious” aspect of modern scientific medicine and public health, and how those fields are partially constituted by myths, symbols, and rituals. Another thing I took away from this class, was metaphors used in illnesses and how those term whether they be “no sense” or “sense” metaphors, and how those metaphors can effect how ill patients interpret their illness. This course provided me with the challenges and opportunities that religious an...

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...ssmates. I can say with confidence that all my goals were reached. The materials presented in this course varied, from books to films to guest speakers from all over the world. The material presented related to myths, symbols, and rituals; the way in which each individual connected the material to course concepts was completely up to the individual. I will continue to explore the scientific point of view, as it applies to God and the formation of Earth. After, learning about the Dax’s case I was really shocked that I had not learned of patients’ ordeals. May’s book introduced me to the four principles healthcare providers should follow. I realized after each book, journal, or film we were presented with, that I could relate it back to course, and each story help me better understand how religion and healthcare co-inside with one another.


Stevi L. Lodge

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