My Trip At International Airport Essay

My Trip At International Airport Essay

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My heart was pounding as I boarded my flight leaving the Bangkok International Airport. A flight attendant in a grey dress with a red bow draped over her shoulder announced; “Welcome aboard flight AA350 to the United States.” My journey began that day.
I recall my first time arriving on U.S. soil from the Dallas International Airport and absorbing as many sights, sounds, and aromas as my brain could process. I felt a sensory overload. Everything was big, loud, fast, and beautifully bright at the same time. My excitement surely played a role in the exaggerated effects of my surroundings, but I enjoyed every second of it.
After passing customs and doing a good amount of people watching, I realized that I was actually in America, and my heartrate picked up pace again as it did each time I realized just how significantly my life would change.
I’ve never been away from my country prior to that flight. My first flight away from home took me directly to a place I’ve dreamed of as a child. I’m not sure how many people can say that by age 17. I’ve seen the movies, read the storie...

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