Essay about My Thoughts On Dreams And Dreams

Essay about My Thoughts On Dreams And Dreams

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Dreams are series of thoughts, images and stories occurring in a person’s mind during a sleep. In a single night a person have many dreams. On the other hand, My dreams are usually in the form of stories. Sometime, it embedded in my mind for some days but in most I forgot when I wake up in the morning. I will discuss my weird, good and some interested dreams below.
1. Firstly, I want to share a dream that I will never forget in my entire life. I had this dream just 10 days before. In the dream, me and my mother went for walk. Suddenly, a flying snake came near to us, my mother told me to run but she stand in front of that snake to protect me. After I came back, there was darkness all around and my mother was not there, I tried to find her but I was unsuccessful. Later that, I went to my religious places to find her and prayed to god to gave my mother back to me. After a short interval, my mother appeared next to me and told me “I am Okay.” When I saw her I felt so happy but again she went away which made my eyes open in shock. It was morning time. Immediately, I called my mother and asked about her health. She was fine than I felt so relaxed.
2. In this dream, I will have an exam at 8:30am. Last night, I forgot to put an alarm on the clock and just slept. Because of which I was not able to wake up in early morning and I got late from college. It was already 8:00am and I was still at home. Afterward I got ready in 10 minutes and took a bus than train but unfortunately, my train got stucked in between which made me more nervous it was now 8:30am. At this point, I knew that I will definitely miss my exam. Train will start moving after half an hour and finally, I reached my college. The half time of exam was over, only half was left....

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...interpretation of the dream must reveal the latent ideas that produced it. In some case it is an unpleasant dream connected to the fact that the dreamer must repress his powerful wishes. For example; In my third dream I went back to my home country and meet with my family and relatives but in sudden time I was with my Canadian friends. The interpretation of this dream would be I love to go back to my home country because I missed them a lot and want to see them again but before that night when I was have this dream I went out with my Canadian friends to Canada place and we were decided there to organizes party in next coming weekend. So, it produced my two ideas together one my wish and one that my friends and I decided.
My dream related to each theory in fewer amounts because my most of dreams are in form of stories not in pieces or animations.


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