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Essay on My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister's Keeper is the story of Anna Fitzgerald, who by the age of thirteen has undergone many blood transfusions, numerous surgeries, and multiple bone marrow transplants. “Most babies are accidents, not me. I was engineered, born to save my sister’s life.” At the beginning of the movie Anna explains that she as conceived to be a donor for her sister, Kate. Kate is a 16 year old with renal failure due to a very rare form of leukemia. The girls' parents expect Anna to donate her kidney to help her sister. Instead of donating the kidney, Anna files a lawsuit against her parents for the rights of her own body so that she could not be forced into the surgery against her will. This causes mixed reactions between Anna’s parents, Brain and Sara.
As the movie starts, Anna explains how she came into being, how she was not an accident. She was planned to be on this Earth to save her sister’s life. Sara and Brian are left with a tough decision when the doctor tells them that there is no donor for their daughter Kate. The doctor then mentions that there is always the option of genetically producing a child that would be a genetic match donor for Kate. Sara and Brian decide to follow through and make a “designer baby,” Anna. In the weeks following Anna's birth, she was used to serve Kate’s medical needs. Whenever Kate needed a donor, her parents did not hesitate to use Anna’s body. The ethical issue seen here is the underlying reason why Anna was brought into this world and the decision made by her parents to do so. The decisions made by Sara and Brain to genetically make a baby were ethically wrong in the sense that they were solely making a baby to cater Kate’s needs. It is understandable that they were doing everything...

... middle of paper ... make Kate as happy as she could. Anna made the right decision by listening to her sister. Kate was clearly very ill and exhausted of continuously going into surgery. I would grant Kate’s wishes, just as Anna did for Kate. Family is very important, listening and acting on what your family wants and needs is very essential.
Shortly after, Brain and Sara come to realize why Kate made the decision that she did. After a long fight, Kate’s wishes do come true and she passes away. Later, Anna’s lawyer presents legal papers stating that Anna won the case and now has the rights to her own body.

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