My Service Learning At Alder Elementary School And The Second Place Would Be At The Oregon Food Bank

My Service Learning At Alder Elementary School And The Second Place Would Be At The Oregon Food Bank

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I did my service learning at two different places, first would be College day at Alder Elementary School and the second place would be at the Oregon Food Bank. We will go into what these two places do for the community and how I was affected by going to them. First, I will say I am very blessed to live the way I do and to be able to go to these two places to volunteer. I have seen some societies that live in some horrendous conditions and I see why Christian service is important throughout the world. To bring the love of God and people to the under privileged and needy.
The Alder Elementary School has a yearly college day in which local colleges sponsor a grade and come in to do some little projects with their grade. The kids were so excited to see the college kids. The 2nd Graders had a blast talking to the college students and being able to do a project with them. Having college kids coming to an Elementary school brings a positive outcome with the kids. They see these students much older than them coming into their classroom and having positive encouragement for what the 2nd graders are doing in class and for what they could become when they get into college. This has also helped the school with the “I have a Dream” program, having that connection with a college and helping lower income students get the confidence to know they can overcome these issues and get into college.
The Oregon Food Bank receives and distributes food all across Oregon and Southwest Washington. Which are covering 21 regional food banks and a total of 950 hunger relief groups with food donations. They rely heavily on volunteers to come in and help repack bulk foods to family size servings, and go through donated foods, and make sure they are fit for the...

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... able to do this and I will be striving to go to the Oregon Food Bank or something like it at least once a week now on. I truly enjoyed my time helping such a great service. I have always believed in the happiness of others build a better you. It’s like when you skip rocks in the water. Each time rock skips on the water is a moment you touch someone heart. The ripples that touches the person will resonate inside them and they will continue the Christian Service and pay it forward.
So in conclusion Christian Service is to live to love and do well to others. I showed how I volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank and Alder Elementary School to get a since of the bring happiness to others to build a better you. What Paul has stated in Galatians 6:9 and Philippians 2:2-8 help to shows us how to serve as a Christian. The other three readings showed us how to live to love.

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