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941 words

It was the summer of 2013 when I was living with my grandparents and they told me about volunteering at the church. I didn’t know what they were talking about, so I took the initiative to go find out for myself that following Sunday. I was in the balcony on Sunday, when I heard the announcements saying we can volunteer for their hope food pantry. I was excited because it was going to be a chance where I can help other and get community service hours. Volunteering I began to think positive thoughts and telling myself “ I am doing a good deed”. The hope food pantry in Chicago consisted of a lot of preparation. we have to make sure we have enough food on what they thought how many people on average was going to show up. We had to bag the food. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they took the initiative to volunteer at a church in the summer of 2013 when they heard about volunteering for the hope food pantry.
  • Explains that the hope food pantry in chicago consisted of a lot of preparation. they had to bag the food and set the tables out in order.
  • Describes the hope food pantry as a non-profit organization that provides food and supplies to local residents in the 60651 and 60644 postal zip codes.
  • Describes how they chose to volunteer at the food pantry because they are their church and wanted to help people in need. ending hunger is important to them.
  • Describes how they began to empty barrels of food, sort through them, box and pack them with the help of 2 of their church family. the thought of leaving the food pantry was tempting.
  • Describes how they felt a wonderful, satisfying emotion when they left the food pantry. they believe that god was working through them, sending out the message of love and to feed the hungry.
  • Explains that the food pantry is more than just handing out food to less fortunate people. the information they learned in their theology class has helped them connect material and service learning.
  • Opines that helping people realize the value of giving is a difficult task, but it is so important. they never realized how beneficial it was to give to others until they were in the st. vincent de paul south seattle food bank.
  • Recommends asking friends, neighbors, and relatives to volunteer and tell them how great it is and how good it will make them feel. if you have worked at a food bank or helped do community service, voice your opinion if it positively impacted your life.

In efforts to eliminate hunger in the Austin Community, Hope Church operates a food pantry that provides food and supplies to local residents within the 60651 and 60644 postal zip codes. The Pantry is operated by a friendly volunteer staff who’s there to be a blessing to others! The hope food pantry is a non-profit organization which distributes food to a variety of community agencies which serve the people in need. Last year alone, over 1 million pounds of food was distributed throughout our community. The hope food pantry also host special events to raise money and food for our community. For every dollar raised, the food pantry can provide ten meals to the needy. When I first volunteered at the pantry I was just a young boy. I chose to volunteer my time to the food pantry because they are my church and I always wanted to be able to help people in need. Ending hunger, not only in our community, but in America is important to me. The thought of a child without a meal is truly heartbreaking. I couldn’t imagine being in need of food and shelter. Just a small amount of help can make such a huge difference. That is only one of the many ways of helping out in our

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