My Sacrifice for Clair Essay

My Sacrifice for Clair Essay

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A dozy morning awakens before my eyes. A warm breast rushes throughout the room bring in the fresh sent of rain and roses all about me. I wake up in this room with pale walls and plush blue green carpet. The carpet lay softly under my feet in a room tat is not truly mine. I put on this mask who I truly am.

My black hair cascades freely down my back in lose,curled,tangles. My crystal blue eyes like frost, that turn to puddles of liquid silver when my grad is down are framed my snow pale skin.

I look up from my thoughts to see her face. My eyes meet her gases and at once my heart is sent in to a flutter. Not like a flapping wings a butterfly but as in my heart was the wings of a humming bird beating a thousand miles per second. I could feel it beating agents my chest as if my heart at any moment would explode.Her, she will be my undoing I just know it. My heart yearns for this girl with pin straight hair and her piercingly elegant forest green eyes. Her eyes are like starring in to shards of broken forest, telling me her is fearless.

My body tenses as he places her soft, peach colored hand on my cheek.

"Clair Johnson your smile melts away all sorrow and wipe away any darkness bring color, brightening my day so wonderfully," I say placing my hand over her's.

"Good morning Trillance," she questioned with a smile plastered to her face?

"Good morning my darling baby doll. How are you this morning," I asked wishing I could only save her?

"I am well. How is my angel," she asked hesitantly?

I pause to think in an ideal world this problem would never would exists. I would never have to worry about this doll like girl. In this world I am just a normal girl. This place is my escape. This must try to be happy. Thou I know this is a rea...

... middle of paper ...

...disturb me again or it could mean your life," I whisper to her just before I shoved her towards the door. She look back at me only once to bow her head as she closing the door. I felt bad but it was not her place I will not have such anarchy in my kingdom.

I wake up in her arms tears dripping on my face.

"My sweet doll what is wrong," I asked worried sick.

"I heard every thing you fainted and started talking. If I have to die then my only wish is to have your one last kiss," she said in a fit of tears a hiccups.

"I love Clair. Never forget that," I said swiping the tears from her eyes.

"I love you to. Thank you for being my angel," she said.

Are lips meet and I felt her life force leave her body. Leaving her limbp in my arms. I knew she was gone. Gone to heaven where her angel heart belonged.

"I love you," I whisper before I disapears forever. Never to return.

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