My Research At Saddleback Valley Unified School District Essay

My Research At Saddleback Valley Unified School District Essay

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Background of the Problem
My research will take place in schools across Saddleback Valley Unified School District. In 2010 this district was poised to be a leader in the educational technology space having had the first school to implement a mobile 1:1 initiative took place at Aliso Elementary in Lake Forest, California. Due to declining test scores among the English Language Learner subgroup, and a quickly changing demographic, the principal and one teacher, along with the aid and support of the district’s technology coordinator, embarked on a mission to engage every student, every day. The results were dramatic as evidenced by a +45 point gain on the next year’s CST. Word spread throughout the district and a grant was awarded that enabled the district to purchase devices to be used in K-12 classrooms.
Enter 2014 and a district with thousands of Chrome Books and mobile devices throughout the schools. One elementary school in particular is 1:1 throughout all classes in K-6. However, although classrooms and teachers are provided the resources to implement 21st Century teaching and learning, in most classrooms this isn’t happening. District and school leaders lack a vision for how technology can be used to enhance classroom instruction and create student-driven lessons.
Problem Statement
The problem my project will address is that although classrooms are well equipped with technology, teachers are not using these resources to enhance the teaching and learning in their classrooms. Teachers feel they don’t receive enough support or professional development to feel comfortable using technology nor in designing lessons that use 21st Century skills. Additionally, principals often lack a vision and understanding of educational technol...

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...echnology, teachers often revert to traditional teaching pedagogy.
As I move forward in attempting to identify solutions to the lack of true technology integration across my district, I anticipate a difficult time receiving responses that are honest and forthright. My plan is to interview and survey both teachers and principals at school sites across my district in grades Pk-12. Since the district has spent millions of dollars in Common Core money to purchase technology and professional development for the teachers, I will need to be careful that surveys are anonymous and interviews are conducted with diplomacy and confidence. In addition, because of my position as one of two Educational Technology TOSAs (teacher on special assignment) responsible for facilitating much of the professional development, I will need to be aware of potential bias in all data collected.

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