Teaching Religions in Public School

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Is there a way for teachers to include religion in the curriculum? If so, is there a way for you to include religion without offending anyone? America has always struggled with what to do about the concept of religion. This struggle can be noted in both politics and education. The debate over rather or not religion should be allowed in schools has been around for many years. This debate has also been to court numerous times, but now some Americans are stating that religion should be allowed back in schools. They propose that religion is necessary in learning and that religion should be taught. On the other hand, other Americans are stating that religion needs to stay out of public schools so that one religion does not get placed over another religion. The absence of religion in public schools seems to be fine with the public since many parents do not want their children to make religious choices that differ from their family tradition (Passe and Willox). Does this controversy makes it difficult for teachers to teach the required material in schools since religion can be involved in historic events?
Proponents of bringing religion back into the public school curriculum state that religion is needed in order for students to understand the Social Studies curriculum and current world events. Religion played a major role in the Crusades, the formation of Pakistan and India, and the Israeli-Palestinian dispute just to name a few. One reason for why religion needs to be involved in the teaching of the Crusades is because it focused solely on religion. The Crusades began with a goal to reach the Holy Land. In addition, the first Crusade focused only on ridding the Holy Land of Muslims (Edmonds). Likewise, these events lead proponents to ...

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...Madalyn Murray and the Crusade
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