Essay about My Personal Worldview Has Changed Our Lives

Essay about My Personal Worldview Has Changed Our Lives

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A person can only know who they are based on their interests, and how they help guide us through the daily problems of life. One thing we have to pay attention to is the point that each of our unique worldviews, is in its simplest state a way to reduce and solve issues in our lives. After taking The Art of Being Human class, my personal worldview has changed to a belief in having compassion for everybody in the world according to classic Buddhist teachings. This mindset goes beyond those teachings, however, to almost a natural way of thinking that if humans care for everything on earth a lot of our man-made problems would go away. One of the ways we can do this is to read literature and enjoy entertainments from the past, in able to learn lessons that our ancestors are trying to tell us. Through these lessons we can understand how the humanities guide our preferences for decision-making in our real lives, and how studying more of these materials can increase progress inside ourselves. The first step we must take to have this response to creative works is to seek inside ourselves for the things that make us feel fulfilled on a daily basis.
According to Charles Eastman, the first native peoples of North America viewed their lives as gifts from the mysterious creator, which would be returned to Him and spread across the natural world upon their deaths (41). Their view is described as more spiritual than religious in the traditional sense, similar to the Buddhist teaching of one power bringing balance to the world. One of the key lessons from the Buddhist faith is that suffering is not brought about by a higher being, but by interdependent origination coming from multiple sources (Gyatso 59). In combining these two Native American ...

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...arn “the art of being human,” by acquiring knowledge about their own skills and how their philosophy towards life can be forever changed by new writings or opinions. All of us has a personal view on how the world operates, and we have to make sure that it is rooted in logic in order to not hinder our daily lives. To prevent something like that from happening we have to read more material, including fictional stories, in order to refine our views with what our ancestors felt towards life. Finally, all of us as students of the liberal arts then have to take our newfound knowledge and use it in careers that allow us to be free thinkers that are not afraid to find the absolute truth. The only way education can make us better humans is to make us feel like we are both confused and enlightened by the world, as we learn more about the multiple paths to living successfully.

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