My Personal Emotions At The Aabc Team Essay

My Personal Emotions At The Aabc Team Essay

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Greetings, and a Happy Independence Day Weekend to you all.

I am Anthony Bloom; the driving instructor for AABC Driving Schools who has worked with your daughter Amanda for her past 2 lessons.

First, let me thank you for the kind words you expressed to the staff of AABC over your satisfaction with my work with Amanda on her first lesson. One of my goals with each student I encounter is to encourage their faith in their own abilities and accomplishments when behind the wheel based on their actual accomplishments, and for them to - as much as possible - have a positive experience with each lesson. Thank you for helping to affirm my decision to join the AABC Team!

My personal passions in being a Driver Instructor stem from my 32 years as a Police Officer, with my entire career being spend on the front lines of street patrol. That has blessed me with an extensive expertise in the areas of: Field Training; Advanced Driving / Emergency Vehicle Operation Tactics; Traffic Safety and Enforcement; and Traffic Crash Investigation, Causes, and Effects. My past training, along with my instruction from Tom Laplante (AABC owner, and one of Wisconsin 's longest and most respected driving Instructors) has uniquely qualified me to not only teach people how to drive, but has also to understand WHY we should use specific driving strategies, skills, and tactics.

Although I am the newest member of the School, I believe I speak for all of us at AABC when I say that we do not simply look at our jobs as running a student through the State of Wisconsin 's required 30 Classroom/6 Driving/6 Observing hours. Rather, we seriously and passionately endeavor to teach and coach each student in such a manner as to give them the best opportunity possible t...

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...ities to perform this awe striking manuever. In the same way, student drivers only develop a trust of their own abilities and talents behind the wheel with continual, regular, and long term repetitive practice.

All of these processes can only be achieved by regular and repetitive practice and training. Anything less results in either ineffective and/or very slow progress in skills and confident. Non-practice can also prevent the learning and retaining of past skills learned. Just as the athlete cannot learn efficiently to play music by practicing once a week, nor the sports player learn their craft by only going to practice once in a while, the driving student best benefits best from regular (preferably, daily) exposure to operating a motor vehicle, while practicing and honing the skills of each driving tactic they have learned, as well as general driving about.

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