My Observation Of A Elementary Classroom At Meadowlane Elementary School

My Observation Of A Elementary Classroom At Meadowlane Elementary School

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I conducted my observation in a kindergarten classroom at Meadowlane Elementary School. I spent at least 15 hours observing the behavior of students in the classroom. During the observation, the teacher was Ms. Fortich and she was involved in teaching and interacting with the students. I had a positive learning experience observing Ms. Fortich teach her kindergarten students. She was very caring, passionate, and loving. She did whatever possible to make her students comfortable and have a good learning environment. This essay focuses on how diversity associated with academic differences is handled in the class. It discusses the preconceptions, concerns, and expectations, and observed issues associated with the academic differences.
The diverse ability of the students is one of the important aspects of diversity observed in the classroom. Any classroom environment is obviously expected to have children with diverse abilities, considering that students are not the same and come from diverse backgrounds. This affects their understanding of various aspects in terms of comprehension, completion speed, and performance, among others. One of the preconceptions about these differences is that students’ mental capability is the cause of these differences. However, assumption is not true because there are many factors that affect the ability of a student to understand classwork. Some of the factors include family problems, access to educational materials, religious background, and culture. As a result, teachers are expected to use different teaching approaches to provide an inclusive learning environment.
Ms. Fortich is a good teacher who uses everything possible to ensure that students are able to understand what they are taught. However, ...

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...In sum, I had a positive learning experience observing Ms. Fortich teach her kindergarten students. The paper has discussed how diversity in learning ability is handled in class. As observed, the teacher addresses this diversity through various teaching methods, including individualized attention and use of art. Although the multi-approach to teaching is effective, I believe that making the class more culturally sensitive can improve the learning experiences. As described above, art enabled students to understand sounds better. Therefore, making the art more culturally inclusive can improve the learning abilities of students in the class. Besides, the teacher can change the class organization and sitting arrangement to increase the interaction among students. These are some of the factors that I will consider to make my teaching environment more culturally sensitive.

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