Essay about My Musical Biography : Awnon K Bhowmik

Essay about My Musical Biography : Awnon K Bhowmik

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My Musical Autobiography
Awnon K Bhowmik

Nothing lasts forever. Everything, whether good or bad has to come to an end. But people do say that sounds and voices do not die. Melodies we hear in our life lives on for generations and ever after. No matter who we are or wherever we come from; in whichever situation we were in, at some point of our lives, we have come across certain melodies that still live in our heart. And I am no different from others. There are certain musical pieces that have not only influenced my life, but have made a significant impact to change me for the better.

I was brought up in a Bengali Hindu family with strong religious beliefs. The social infrastructure around me was a bit too strong, enriched with all sorts of beliefs and many methods of worship. Whether it was a song from veneration, whether it was a rhyme at my school, or whether it was certain musical pieces sung by my mom, I was always surrounded by some sort of music. I do not know whether it was for all those, or for anything else, I always had a liking for any type of music that came my way. I developed my own taste of music.

No matter what age group I was in, music in rhymes, cartoons, movies always dragged me towards them. I never had a liking for heavy metal, rock or rap. Although in the institution I study in, I made many friends who had a liking for those. I never had a conversation about music with them because I liked classical music, usually solo. My parents have different tastes in musicwhich came out in the 80s and 90s.

As I said, when I was young, I used to enjoy music from the cartoons that I saw. Some of the favorites are the intro of Tom and Jerry, intro of The Mask, music from the Disney movie Ala...

... middle of paper ...

...te tempo
• Soft dynamic
• Warm timbre
• Homophony
In my opinion, the most important function of music, is to provide relaxation while also inspiring us. I do not feel it is great to listen to rock and roll music when we return home after a long day’s work. Classical music is what I would choose. It is better if we become emotionally attached with a musical piece and it goes on to shape up our life in a good way. That’s when I realize the true power of a music composer. That’s when I can say that he/she has done something that will change the world for the better, in the future.

If I ever wish to compose a music, I would like to follow in the same footsteps of “Colors of the Wind”. The above mentioned composers I would consider as my idols. The type of music that they have created, and the way they inspire me till this day, still leave me stunned as I think about it.

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