My Memories Of My Father Essay

My Memories Of My Father Essay

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From a very young age, I realized that my dad was not completely my dad. His olive complexion, thick accent, and the fact that he showed up when I was around three years old were dead giveaways. This did not change my devotion of love for him, and I was not curious about any other father figure or the history of my birth until my grandmother showed me a picture of my ‘biological father’ and I became instantly curious. I was around ten years old.
After that day, I was extremely curious and longed to meet my biological father. I wasn’t missing anything, but still felt like I was missing an experience if I went without meeting him for the rest of my life. My mother finally agreed to let me try to contact my biological father when I was eleven. She warned me that he had plenty of opportunity over the years to meet or have a relationship with me, and each time had passed. I contacted him and after a few months was finally able to meet him and my two other sisters.
The next few years were a mixture of positive and negative experiences. He seemed to care about me, and I loved having more f...

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