Essay on My Life At The Ghetto Junior High School

Essay on My Life At The Ghetto Junior High School

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tell my mom, call her at work to tell or when I would see her after school but she would tell me to stop whining and causing trouble. I was truly 11 years old and alone in the world.
Genital stage by Freud (Puberty and later) and Adolescence stage by Erikson (12-18 years old)
This stage is where my life went from being alone to being alone in hell. I moved to Reno, Nevada with my dad, step mom and three step siblings in 6th grade. I was told at around age 12 by my stepmother, who said it came from my dad, that my mom would leave me in the crib all day and only attended to my needs when she was forced. This information was devastating to me, it did however explain why she treated me different than the others.
I went to the Ghetto junior high school, 50% African American, and 35% Mexican, 10% Oriental and 5% white. Coming from Coeur D Alene Idaho in the late 1980’s, this was an extreme culture shock.
There was the gangs Crips and Bloods on every corner so what clothing you wore determined if you got beat up or worse. I was 5’2”, 130 pounds, blond with greens eyes, yes I stuck out like a sore thumb. I got bullied at school at first, then I took all that bottled up range and became very street smart. I quit looking down and held my head high, I fought and won whenever there was an opportunity, I made really good friends with what was known as the stoners back then. I used marijuana, snorted crank, and was sexually active by age 13.
I was suspended from school multiple times for throwing a desk at a teacher, kicking the stool out from under neither the principles broken leg, of course fighting, lots of fighting. I loved my life, so I thought then. My dad and step mom were bikers and dealing methamphetamines. We would go to the dru...

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...ld boyfriend who loved to party so when I wasn’t at work I was with him drinking. This lead to me dropping out of high school.
For my sweet “16th” birthday I received a positive pregnancy test that was in January 1992. By March we were married, and on welfare with a housekeeping job at a nursing home. I had watched everything I worked for disappear right before me and now I was no better than anyone else. Sixteen, married, high school dropout, asking for assistance from welfare just to survive.
My life has led to two failed marriages and one failed relationship of 10 years. I try not to complain, because I have two beautiful children, one amazing granddaughter. I do currently take medication for Anxiety and Depression. I still try to put everyone first and continue to take crap from people and keep my mouth shut to “survive”, not my healthiest quality. I am a very

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