My Journey From A Nurse Essay

My Journey From A Nurse Essay

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A Fairy Nurse!
She was moving around so smooth, like a butterfly between the computer and the patient-my dad. Taking orders from the doctor, and hooking up the IV medications and fluids. I admired her competence and professionalism. This was an ER nurse who took care of my dad when I was a nursing student. My journey from nursing school to where I am today had been enriched with experience gathered from each nurse I met or worked with. Each one of them had something unique that influenced my journey. I met few others with habits that I want to avoid. Compassion, care, educate, listen and give are traits that I learned from my instructors in nursing school. Team work, support, help, and be determined is what I learned from class mates. When I started working in my first job as a nurse, I got fascinated by the knowledge experienced nurses carry, how much information their brain can really hold at one shift. The smart ways they use to manage and solve a problem, and setting the organized report sheet. My goal is to be like so, it is a hard work and commitment, yet I am up to it, and so my journey started in the nursing field.
Friberg and Creasia (2016) talked about the certain characters embedded within each nurse, they overlap and come to role when in need. Seven foundational role key identity dyads where defined and illustrated by the nurse role. They are caregiver, advocate, manger, educator, colleague, researcher, and mentor. These dyads demonstrate that nursing is about caring for others, and their wellbeing. When I start my shift and take the report about each patient, I am the mangers and the researcher, I cover all the information that I need to communicate about their care. I advocate for my patient when they tell me they c...

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...ey identity dyads for the best of their patients. To set a good example and be a role model, a nurse need to utilize those seven dyads and care for her wellbeing (American Nurses Association, 2015). I won’t be able to convey the healthy message that I carry to my patient unless I listen and follow myself first. Nursing is a profession about caring for a vast population but the core is the nurse. By caring for herself, she is caring for others. The message will be clear, for the family, the patients and co-nurses.
Every night I am scheduled to work my kids tell to go and spread fairy glitter. I carry my glitter wind-stethoscope, a fairy smile, a warm hart, and my colorful Disney scrubs. I enter my patient’s room with a smile, and ease their pain with care, passion and knowledge. I stand beside many other great nurse carrying my light to check on my patient at night.

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