My Hatred For Writing For English Essay

My Hatred For Writing For English Essay

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My Hatred for Writing
English has always been the biggest struggle in my education. The English language has so many rules, on how you write. So many that I struggle to comprehend. The hardest part has been being able to deal with trying to comprehend all of the rules that come with it. With all of the different grammar, punctuation, and spelling my mind gets so confused. Then words like conjunction, structure, formats, clauses, phrases, prepositions it comes in my mind sounding like rocket science. I have always had this problem, no matter how hard I have tried to comprehend it, it just does not stick. I have been a terrible writer pretty much my entire life. With much thanks, there has been many teachers along the way to not let me forget. I’ve had many discouraging events that have made me have a dislike for writing.
Let 's start at the beginning. Throughout my elementary years, I can remember having to stay inside during recess. While everyone was outside playing, I was stuck inside and had to be tutored in language arts. They were to better my proficiency test scores. They also said it was to ensure I didn 't have to attend summer school. But summer school, language arts, was almost always a given for me. Spelling began to be my biggest road blocker. Still continues to be a huge problem I have. Sounding out the words just never sounded quite right in my head. They definitely didn 't connect well from my ears, to my brain, to the pen in my hand. Going into middle school, I knew it was going to be an issue.
Once I got into my middle school years nothing had changed. I was placed in the slower classes in english. My sixth grade year, I had a hot head of a teacher, Mr. Donaldson. H...

... middle of paper ...

... how to fix it, when that is exactly how my mind worked. After failing that course with a D, I have procrastinated going back out of fear I will just fail again.
So I am back at it again, I am hoping that this time around I can finally improve my work. I have a feeling it will be quite frustrating for the reader of my work. Since I do tend to struggle with the many aspects of understanding and comprehending English. I have received so much negativity from my work that I have pretty much given up on it. It all had put a bad taste in my mouth for any future writing, I’ve been asked to do. I have been a terrible writer my entire life out of lack of understanding, but i 'm hoping to finally change that. Learning and being able to reflect on my mistakes I make in my earlier papers. Then being able to apply the knowledge to the ones that are asked to be written later on.

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