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My Grandpa, Dale Delay Essay

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My Grandpa, Dale Delay, lived to be eighty-one years old. During his eighty-one year life he accomplished a great amount. Although I was only alive for the last eighteen years of his life, I have heard many things about what he accomplished in his earlier lifetime that have inspired me. The way he was able to raise a, successful, family just by having a great work ethic is one thing that inspired me the most.
Dale grew up in a lower to middle class family that included seven people. They lived in a small Kansas town called Lewis. The only reason that his big family wasn’t poor, though, is because his dad, Floyd, worked extremely hard. At a very young age, Dale learned from his father that you have to have a great work ethic in order to live the life that you want to live. Floyd made sure his kids understood that work always came first, and then they could enjoy play. Floyd’s great work ethic is what inspired my grandpa Dale to work as hard as he did in life.
Growing up as a boy, Dale would help his dad farm whenever he could. Only one year after Dale graduated, he went to the army. He served in the Army for two years. Then Dale returned back to Lewis, and began working for the Lewis Co-op. Once he returned he also got married to my grandma, Helen. He had worked his way to being the assistant manager at the Co-op after a couple years. Then after a couple more years he decided to take a different job, and he began working as an operator at a Cross Manufacturing plant. By this time Dale had two kids with Helen, and a third child was on the way. This meant he knew that he needed to work hard, so that he could have enough money to support his family. He worked for Cross Manufacturing for forty-five years before decided to retire. Du...

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...ts are another way to get free money, that doesn’t come with debt, to help pay for college. On top of getting scholarship, and grant money to help you pay for college, you should get a job and work to earn the rest of the money that you will need in order to pay off college debt free. If you still need money after that, then seeing if your parents would be willing to help you pay for college would be another option.
Unless you just simply can’t afford college, and need money so that you can get the education you want, and the job you want, you should avoid using student loans. Because my Grandpa was able to save enough, and made his kids earn enough, money to be able to afford college, my mom graduated college debt free. I plan on graduating college debt free, and thanks to the example my Grandpa set with work ethic, and saving money, I should be able to do so.

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