The Trial by Existence

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A state of being is just existing but bravery is the true meaning of living a life. Robert Frost is notorious for speaking on the different stages of life. In the poem “The Trial by Existence”, Robert Frost speaks of bravery, life, and the after-life. A life lesson taught throughout the entirety of the poem is doing what you desire and overcoming the fears that are implanted in the cycle of life.
Frost gives everyone hope in every poem he creates that something better will transpire from their current life struggles. Bravery is a trait that every human craves of accomplishing some point during their lives. Rank is one thing that could produce the bravery. The thought of dominating and having all the power in the world gives a person confidence. Robert Frost speaks about finding the utmost reward of daring should be to dare, the bravery from the laughter, and the heart and mind shouting to the daring one. Giving all that Robert Frost contributed for this entire poem, bravery is a lesson that spoke to each reader’s heart and soul.
“To find that the utmost reward of daring should be still to dare”, this line has much more of a meaning than what is said. Many people are dared each day to do certain things that they decline, but doing what one is dared will allow a great reward. Soldiers never give up. Each day soldiers stand on a field against other soldiers that are completely against them and they have never given up on their country, due to their bravery. Soldiers are rewarded daily because of what they decide to do.
One may die with hopes of one day overcoming their fears and for once being called a very brave person. When God opens the doors to Heaven, all the fears in the body should be released and never regained. Robert Fros...

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... up and are in war daily and although they may have some fear in their hearts, they remain there to do what they are meant to do. A soldier dies because of the bravery and is honored for his doings. The soul of a brave man walks toward the gates of Heaven and has the honor to say that he done everything in his will to protect his country.
Spirits in Heaven have no worries about not being honored. Just being able to prance around the beautiful streets of gold is enough of a reward. Robert Frost says, “Some spirit to stand simply forth, heroic in its nakedness, and against the uttermost of earth.”
Bravery, life, and the after-life are all discussed and taught in this beautiful piece constructed by Robert Frost. “The Trial by Existence” poem has a wonderful lesson about conquering what one has desired over time. Living a life is doing what is enjoyed, not what is told.
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