My Goal As A Future Teacher Essay

My Goal As A Future Teacher Essay

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As a child, I always saw science as a subject that was uninteresting. My overall goal in science classes was to study what was required to pass the course. Through personal experience, science was something that teachers spent little time on and did not engage students in. Today, after proper training and resources, my view on science has been modified for the better. Now, I visualize science as an imperative subject to teach students. If teachers spend more time planning to teach science, choose hands-on tasks, use formative assessments and allow students to make observations and inferences, then science can become extremely interesting. Too many dull teachers have drained the excitement out of science instead of using the necessary tools to make it fun and engaging for students. My goal as a future teacher is make the subject of science a subject that students enjoy doing rather than overlooking it.
In order to teach students effectively, first teachers must understand that children are diverse. Diversity in science is extremely important. Incorporating cultural differences to a lesson can be effective in the learning process. The truth is that all students need experiences with school science that connect science with their everyday lives in a familiar way. A tip provided by Brown and Abell, “Teachers can help all students learn science by allowing diverse approaches to scientific reasoning in their classrooms” (2007). So I plan to all students learn science by allowing diverse approaches to scientific reasoning in their classrooms. After all, the best way to learn content is to be able to deal with it hands-on and make it relevant to personal experiences and cultural aspects of our lives. I also find that allowing cultural d...

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...what students know. “Stiggens and DuFour state that teachers and schools should use formative assessments to clarify what students are supposed to be learning, improve the instructional practices of individual teachers, and allow for reteaching of concepts to reach struggling student” (Bakula, 2010). Most importantly, formative assessments benefit students and teachers. More so, teachers are capable of using formative assessments to guide instruction, rather than testing for a grade and moving on to the next chapter.
Overall to be a better teacher than the past teachers I have had, I can use the information and resources provided to me in my three years of college to better aid students in becoming the best they can be in the subject of science. Knowing how to address to learning styles and using hands-on learning is extremely important for teachers to acquire.

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