Essay about My First Legal Deer Hunting Season

Essay about My First Legal Deer Hunting Season

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My father stood at 5’8”, and he dressed sharp, except when he wore those tight short shorts that looked like they came from his high school basketball days in the 80’s. He was a smart man; he earned his education at a prestigious college. He talked like it, too. It was very seldom I heard him have a conversation with anybody where he didn’t start breaking down the anatomy of a human, or describing different plants and animals by their scientific names. I could not have a conversation with him, without being proven wrong about my cognitive thinking. I got used to it. I learned to shrug it off and ignore his remarks. I didn’t care, or have any interest in how the latissimus dorsi was connected to the spinous processes of the seventh to twelfth thoracic vertebrae.
My first legal deer hunting season, Dad took a couple days off work and pulled me out of school. He came to pick me up in his loud Cummins diesel pickup truck. Most of my time in that truck was spent staring blankly at the orange blinking seatbelt light that consistently endorsed the use of our seat belts. Dad would play old Stevie Nicks cassette tapes, while I searched my mind for relevant discussion to converse.
I had been going to deer camp with him for a few years by now, but this year was different. This year I would be doing the shooting. We pulled into deer camp, crawled into our tent, and awaited the morning light. Dad rolled over his mattress at 4:30 in the morning. “Let 's go get ourselves a deer!” I felt my heartbeat wake me up, as the adrenaline caused by my dad 's voice pushed through my veins. We hunted hard, covering ten miles of steep terrain, when Dad spotted a group of deer 800 yards away. “You wanna take one?” Dad said. I could feel the rush of adrenal...

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...pied those mountains. I spotted a rising trout parallel to a fallen tree in the water. We watched as its nose broke the surface of the rifling water to eat tiny mayflies that were emerging from the river.
The stream flowed relentlessly with few interruptions but the scattered rocks and boulders that thrusted their might through the river, puncturing the glistening glare of the surface.The religious sound of water running over rocks never fades, only the urgent sounds of giant sand hill cranes breaks the consistency. “It’s beautiful isn’t it Son?” Yeah it’s awesome. “Son i 'm sorry”. The sound of the river continued as it crashed it’s way into the valley. “I was too hard on you, I didn’t know what I was doing.” Tears started to form in my dad 's eyes. “I just wanted the best for you” I felt a surge of anger leave from my body. “I love you son and i 'm proud of you.”

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