Essay on My Favorite Color Is Pink

Essay on My Favorite Color Is Pink

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Her favorite color is pink. As a child, she spent days playing with dolls and kitchen sets, and in her adolescence she perfected the art of makeup. Today, she is a mother of two and wife to an adoring husband. Upon first glance, this girl seems to be the epitome of the female gender role. However, a look behind her feminine surface reveals a strong and independent woman. Her stiletto heels may be pink, but in them she walks with pride, her head held high, and her warm, wide smile radiating confidence. Though she considers her part-time job as a mother to be her greatest achievement, she has also found success in her career as an entrepreneur. This woman is no specific person, but rather a representation of many modern American women who balance tradition and progress. She expresses many traits associated with the female gender role, but she also avoids the path to so-called ‘feminine’ passivity with her determined and self-assured personality. Some staunch opponents of gender roles might claim that her more feminine traits are a result of gendered advertising and thus are negative and hindering progress. Yet by making such a statement, they fail to recognize the great leaps in progress society has made in reducing the importance of adhering to one’s assigned role. Gender roles have existed since the dawn of human civilization, and though recent advertising trends have increased their prevalence in society, they are less influential now than at any point in human history.
Gendered advertisements fill most of the timeslots between children’s television programs. Those marketed toward girls typically feature calm and cooperative activities like playing house and dressing dolls whereas commercials aimed at boys depict aggressive comp...

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...inst conforming to them has been progressing for years, and influence of gender roles over people continues to decrease. However, it is important for the movement to continue in the face of gendered advertisements that may one day affect people far more than they do now. If society does not maintain its trend in decreasing importance of gender roles despite increases in gendered marketing, the strong, powerful American woman may be reduced to a shallow, passive person. This is unlikely to happen, though, thanks to generations of people who decried gender roles and found the balance of tradition and progress. Regardless of what pessimists may say, today gender roles are less important than yesterday, and tomorrow they will be less important than today. There is power in pink, and a positive outlook on the state of gender roles in America if one only looks to find it.

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