Essay about My Family: My Miracle Sister

Essay about My Family: My Miracle Sister

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On a hot Saturday afternoon of July 17, 1999 a miracle after the horrible accident happened. My sister terrified my family and I when she drowned in the 12ft. pool in our backyard when she was only 11 months old. We were having a big family BBQ everyone was invited to come over to have a good time. That day the filters in the pool had stopped working and the pool had been a bit foggy to the point where you couldn’t see anything in the pool.
My mom was very hesitant to let us go swimming because of how foggy the pool had been. It was so foggy that I could put my hand in and not be able to see it. It had been so hot outside that day, my aunt had convinced her that we would all be ok and she would watch over us. My mom couldn’t watch over us because she was watching my little sister inside, but my mom turned away to answer the door for one minute and when she came back my sister was gone.
We were all enjoying our swim in the pool, until my mother had came out screaming “ get out of the pool she’s in the pool, she’s in the pool”, we all looked at her with confusion thinking who ...

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