Essay on My Experience Of The Food Entrepreneurs Event

Essay on My Experience Of The Food Entrepreneurs Event

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My experience of the Food Entrepreneurs event-- which featured on its panel Scott Adams, Scott Kucirek, Lisa Murphy, and John Foraker-- consisted primarily of mingling beforehand rather than listening to the panel itself. First, I asked Director of Products and Operations, Caroline Yeh, about being interviewed for my group project on gender/sexuxality/identity and the food system. She said she was the only woman at that company, so that would be interesting!
I spent the next twenty minutes, at least, getting to know more about the Town Kitchen through its Chief Operations Officer, Tara Mutukisna. I had had a boxed lunch of theirs at an event last month about racial segregation in the restaurant industry. I learned that Town Kitchen keeps their food from spoiling between being cooked and reaching the customer-- who is often a corporate worker, since Town Kitchen currently depends on scale for efficiency-- by planning and executing careful refrigeration and immediate, efficient trips. I learned that the program coordinator there is a social worker with a background in counseling, whic...

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