Essay about My Experience At The Room Of Red Level

Essay about My Experience At The Room Of Red Level

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"Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they seem."

As the time for graduation grows near, my thoughts seem to focus on the past. When I think of the journey that led me here, I think of all the lessons I 've been taught in these halls. Some good and some bad, but all of them helped shape me into the person I am today and for that I will always be grateful. Thanks to my time spent in the halls of Red Level, I have learned that relationships do matter, procrastination is the devil, money really does not grow on trees, and I learned tolerance.

When I say that I learned that relationships do matter, I do not mean relationships as in the boyfriend and girlfriend thing, even though they matter, they are not nearly as important as your relationship with your family, friends, even your relationship with your teachers. Some people, myself included, delude themselves into thinking that they are the only one who matters, I mean your parents dote on you so others will too, right? Wrong. Red Level taught me I was not the center of the world and that I could not go around treating people as if they were inferior to me, because even though they were not better than me, they were not lower than me either. I learned if you go around acting like you are better, you will lose those close to you and you will gain no respect from your teachers. To gain respect and kindness from those around you, first you must give it, instead of acting as if everyone has to prove to you that they deserve your respect. When I learned that relationships matter, I learned to fulfill my end of the social contract by doing the things that others naturally expected of me, such as listening to others problems and turning in my work on time.


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... for their amusement, and Red Level has given me the gift of understanding and tolerance of these people. Just because I do not share their beliefs, does not mean that I cannot respect them, and just because they live to tear others down, does not mean I cannot help to build them back up. Everyone is different, and yet everyone is special. So thank you Red Level, for teaching me.

Red Level taught me many great things, from relationships to tolerance, that has led me to this place. A couple of weeks before graduation and I am giving my thanks to the halls and classrooms that made me, me. Thank you so much Red Level High for making me a better person and providing me with opportunities that made me and my life better. Thank you for providing me with a home, heroes, and key figures these last four years, you all have made an impact on me and I will not soon forget it.

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