The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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This was not as easy a read for me. I suppose I am a victim of my generational upbringing, in that, I feel the need to be informed in an entertaining manner. This book has good information, but I had to continually check my focus. Those times when I was truly drawn in were the times when the writer was relating back to a story from his life or others and how it worked in to the particular habit he was teaching at that time. That being said, the following areas are where I believe I can use to make myself and my team better.

One of the first things to come alive to me was the picture of the young girl or old woman, depending on the viewer’s perspective. I had seen this picture several times before but because the book first presented a picture more skewed toward the younger girl than the older woman, when I looked at the “dual” picture, the young girl was all I could see. I had to look at the picture more skewed to the old woman before I could retrain my eyes to see the old woman.

It struck me that even though I knew there was an alternative view I was pushed or perhaps gently nudged into seeing it one way. I need to always listen, understand, and take note of all the facts but then seek to find every possible solution. Even ones that were not what the presenter had in mind. There could be a better way or a combination of better ways to overcome a problem or put a better process in place.

The next teaching principal to jump out at me was in habit three, Put First Things First. As I began to read and look at the four quadrants it was very easy to see where I fell. Well, if I am honest with myself I suppose I should say I walked, right into quadrant 1. My life is one big urgent, “need it now” issue after another. I am bombarde...

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..., trying to keep customers happy, I don’t really have time to look at one task that is weeks old and find someone to tell me why.

So it is my plan to utilize this story and create my own motto of “Lean and Clean” queue. It is not my queue. It belongs to those who report to me. By dealing with the tasks individually I am no longer able to see the bigger picture and help with processes. As I relayed this story to my manager and how I wanted to make it work for us I could tell he was intrigued and liked the idea and I am excited to begin putting together the plan and how it will work.

Although I did get ideas from the other chapters, such as understanding the individual, the various win/win, win/lose, lose/win scenarios, the P/PC balance and the emotional bank; I believe chapter three should be where I start.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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