My Experience At The Beach Essay

My Experience At The Beach Essay

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Close your eyes and think of yourself laying in the nice warm sand right aide of the ocean. You hear the waves crashing against the coast as everything on your mind just slowly disappears. It just simply doesn’t get better than that. When you think of the Beach, a lot of people picture different places in their minds. When I picture the beach, it’s a place not too far from home, it’s the shores of Maryland and Delaware. I often find myself daydreaming of Ocean City. I believe it’s just because I was around the beach so much while growing up, that it’s just a second home to me. When this project was presented to me, I was told that we needed to pick a topic. I didn’t think for very long because immediately the thought of me getting to share my personal experience on the beaches with the rest of the class jumped out at me! Sure a lot of people may not like the beach, but what I hope to accomplish with my map is that people are interested so much that they want to give it another try or even try it for the first time!
Right from the beginning I knew that I wouldn’t have any trouble with trying to bring people to the beaches. I knew that I wanted to be able to mix the perfect combination of my opinion and factual information to grab the reader’s attention. If I were to put too much opinion into each of the topics, I knew it would become boring and people wouldn’t get to know the information that they wanted to. On the other hand, if I was to add too much factual information into my ideas people would be led off and just become bored. They wouldn’t be able to establish a personal connection with the text. In my opinion a paper that is primarily based on factual information is just annoying. If I wanted to read facts on a specific pla...

... middle of paper ... I used Logos which is the reasoning for my arrangement order. All of these different effects and writing styles come together to form what I believe is a very great map, and will bring people to the Maryland and Delaware Beaches.
I hope each and every individual who gets the chance to glance over my map wants to read into it more and visit these places. Incorporating pictures and videos is something I definitely wanted to do. I believe that it just catches the reader’s attention more and lets them get a visual aspect on the beaches. At the end of the day I believe my map with gather peoples emotional and physical aspects and take them into consideration when suggesting places for them to try out. Ocean City and the Delaware Beaches will always hold a special place in my family and I’s hearts and I hope that these places will eventually do the same for my audience.

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