My Best Friend And My Favorite Friend Essay

My Best Friend And My Favorite Friend Essay

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On May 31st 2013, my best friend and I almost lost our lives. It started off normal just like any other day, my best friend Aundria had come back to Santa Cruz with me and my mom since she lives in San Jose and we were excited for the fun weekend we had planned ahead. That Friday night Aundria and I decided that it would be cool to take my mom’s car out for a spin, so we planned to sneak out through my bedroom window and to take the car. So we waited for my mom to fall asleep then we put the pillows under our blankets and shut off all the lights, and made our way out the window and to her car. Neither I nor Aundria had ever really driven a car before so it was already a scary idea but we did it anyways. We climbed in my mom’s bright red Hummer and made our way out of the parking garage, it was late so there weren 't many people out on the road which made it a little less scary. Once we got to the fish hook I noticed someone flashing their brights at me and I wasn 't really sure what it meant so we just kept driving. But as we got to the Soquel Ave exit I noticed that my brakes weren 't working. I looked at Aundria and said “Oh my god aund the brakes aren’t working!!!” She looked at me and laughed assuming that I was joking but I wasn’t. In a matter of seconds we saw the bright lights of the hummer going straight towards a large tree under a bridge, and that’s when we knew we were about to crash. I don’t remember much between the time after we hit the tree to getting out of the car all I can remember searching for my phone after the accident so I could call my mom and seeing the helicopter above us along with the multiple fire trucks and ambulances. I didn’t have a permit and I wasn 't even old enough to have a license ...

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...r competition.” And I broke into tears. I guess that Sid hadn’t been taking all of his medication and he became very sick. His organs started to fail and he was put onto a life monitor, the only real hope that he had was to get another transplant but since he had already had multiple his chances were lower than someone who hadn’t. He got put on the transplant list and they waited to hear but he was only getting worse. On the day that he finally made it to the top of the list, Sid took his last breath. I never really got to say my goodbyes which still hurts a lot but it makes me feel better knowing that he 's not in pain anymore. I know that I probably would have been more hurt if I saw him in that condition but I still would have like to say goodbye. You never truly know when you 're going to see someone for the last time so it’s good to never take them for granted.

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