The Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart And Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

The Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart And Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

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The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven
In this essay, I’m going to discuss two composers- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. I will first tell you about the life of these men. Then, I’ll compare and contrast their music, the time period of which they lived in, the purpose of their music and more.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the son of Anna Maria Pertl and pro musician Leopold Mozart, who played violin and worked for the archbishop of Salzburg. Mozart and his sister, Maria Anna, were the only two of their parents’ seven children to survive. Maria Anna was also highly talented. With their father’s guidance, they were both introduced into to music at an early age. He would go on to become one of the most famous Classical composers.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy. At age 5, he had already begun composing music. By age 6, he was already capable of playing multiple instruments publicly. Mozart wrote his first symphony at the age of eight. His father took him and his sister on tour, where they performed as child prodigies. An essential moment of Mozart’s childhood was his meeting with Johann Christian Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach’s youngest son) in London, who ended up having a powerful influence on him.
At age 25, Mozart became a freelance musician in Vienna, and for a time lived with friends at the home of Fridolin Weber. He wrote music for publication, played in concerts, and even took on pupils. Later, Mozart went on to marry Fridolin Weber’s daughter, Constanze. His father originally disapproved of him getting married, as it was an interruption in his career, but eventually approved of it. Constanze and Moz...

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...ichard Wagner, and Hector Berloiz.
The purpose of Mozart and Beethoven’s music was to properly use the gift they had been given. They had a talent for creating amazing music. They were also a versatile composers, able to write in nearly every major genre. Their music was also meant to influence the next generations of music to come. Mozart’s music was meant to make you nice and comfortable. Beethoven’s was a bit more dark and moody.
These two men are known as two of the greatest composers of all time. They were both child prodigies. They had completely different childhoods, but were a lot alike at the same time. I have compared and contrasted their music. I have told you of the time periods they lived in. I have also told of their musical styles, other famous composers and the purpose of Mozart and Beethoven’s music. These two musical geniuses will never be forgotten.

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