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Multicultural Management , like usual management, requires supervision of the company so the thrift of the company to be kept. We know from Peter Drucker that exist five tasks so the job of the manager can be realized. And these tasks are planning (setting objectives), organizing, integrating (motivating and communicating), measuring performance and developing people. The same tasks consist even on the job of a multicultural manager except the difficulties that differ from those of a usual manager.
According to (Brett) the challenges that a multicultural manager faces are divided into four categories :
a) Direct vs. Indirect communication
b) Trouble with accents and fluency
c) Differing attitudes toward hierarchy and authority
d) Conflicting norms for decision making
In order that these conclusions can be more precise I will explain them further in details as well I am giving some corresponding examples that have resulted from my researching sources.
In many other cultures, meaning is embedded in the way the message is presented. The differences can cause serious damage to team relationships. An American manager discovered that several flaws in the system would significantly disrupt company operations, she pointed this out in an e-mail to her American boss and the Japanese team members. Her boss appreciated the direct warnings; her Japanese colleagues were embarrassed, because she had violated their norms for uncovering and discussing problems. Their reaction was to provide her with less access to the people and information she needed to monitor progress. They would probably have responded better if she had pointed out the problems indirectly—for example, by asking them what would happen if a certain part of the system was not fun...

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...) Transparency
Adherence to an organization’s values and culture as well as professional codes of ethics is mandatory in global projects. The state of the global project needs to be shared promptly with relevant parties whether the project is in good shape or facing hardships.
But multicultural management has some advantages compared with the usual management. According to a study of 1999 “Fortune” was supported the idea that People from different backgrounds bring their own unique cultural experiences to the situations they face in their companies and this broader perspective of viewpoints tends to allow for a better ultimate resolution.
Also you can serve much better to people in different countries when you have in your team people from different backgrounds that can help you with customs and traditions of the specific cultures that you need to perform services.

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