Muhammad And The Founding Of Islam Essay

Muhammad And The Founding Of Islam Essay

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In the case of Islam, many people looking at it without historical context might make the claim that it Is a separate religion with completely different origins from Christianity. However, if we are to look at how Muhammad came to the founding of Islam, and how he operated after its founding, we can see that his departure from Christianity was slow, and gradual, and non-hostile. Muhammad did not intentionally seek to create a new religion. He felt inspired to expand on Christianity, and other people who agreed with him fallowed his teachings into a new religion.
Muhammad did not seek to create a new religion, and we can see this by how he reacted when he claims he had a vision from Gabriel. Muhammad goes to a Christian Priest to find understanding about what happened, and the priest said that his vision was true, and from god. He takes this as truth, partly because of what the priest says, but also because he was told when he was young from another Christian priest that he would become a prophet. After his vision Muhammad begins to spread his teachings, in one way by telling the Meccans to stop worshiping idols. This ideology, did not originate with Muhammad, but rather was taken from Christianity which also wards against the worshiping of idols. Looking at how Muhammad conducted his ministry of Islam it is difficult to say that he was trying to initially trying to create a rival religion to Christianity. Even in regards to how he obtained followers, Muhammed didn’t take a poaching approach to gather weaker Christians into his faith, rather it grew naturally out of persecution. Throughout history, persecuting a group or religion, while from the outside seems like it’s suppressing it often causes more people to want to join that ...

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... they didn’t necessarily need to be converted to Islam by military force. All of these things points to Muhammad seeking to evolve or reform Christianity rather to eradicate it.
Islam as many people see it today is a very different religion from Christianity with very few ties. However, this may now be more or less the case the founder of Islam, Muhammad was receptive and open to the ideas of Christianity. He initially started out as a Christian and taught Christian like principles. His teachings did slowly diverge and, he did eventually declare a new religion, however he did not alienate his origins from Christianity and refers to the bible in the Quran. In regards to these factors, as well as the fact that he did not appoint an official successor, we can see that Muhammad did not seek to create a new religion, but to rather reform his old religion of Christianity.

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