Mozart, The Sole Surviving Son Of Leopold And Maria Pertl Mozart Essays

Mozart, The Sole Surviving Son Of Leopold And Maria Pertl Mozart Essays

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the sole-surviving son of Leopold and Maria Pertl Mozart was born in January 27,1756 in Salzburg, Austria. He is one of the most talented and proficient music composers ever. By the time that he was six, he could play the harpsichord and violin, improvise figures, and read music perfectly. His father, Leopold Mozart, was dedicated to guide and help Wolfgang and his sister improve their musical talents. Leopold was a court musician and wanted to show Wolfgang off immediately therefore, Wolfgang toured Europe to display his talents from age six to fifteen alongside his father and sister. They traveled to the courts of Paris, London, The Hague, and Zurich and the siblings performed as child prodigies. He played for Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna, Louis XV in Versailles, George III in London, and many aristocrats. At age thirteen, Wolfgang alongside his father, departed from Salzburg to italy. His sister, Maria Mozart was coming to a marriageable age and according to costume she was no longer permitted to show off her artistic talent in public. While in Italy, Wolfgang composed an opera. At age fifteen Wolfgang returned to Salzburg which had a new prince-archbishop who did not appreciate Mozart’s music, making it harder for Mozart to find a suitable position in the orchestra.
Being a celebrity since a young age gave him an intolerance to being treated as a servant. When Mozart was twenty-five, he broke free from the patronage and travelled to Vienna to be a freelance musician. During this time he composed his German opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail. He was very successful, his concerts were attended by the emperor and the nobility, many pupils paid him high fees, his compositions were published and pe...

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... “praises” Don Giovanni for his actions but also doubts them. Don claims that they were asking for it to try to clear his conscience.
Mozart’s music vividly depicts the characters and pushes the action forward. The orchestral introduction includes molto allegro and sudden fortes suggesting pacing and abrupt turns. When the orchestra crescendos, Leporello hides to the side. When Donna Anna hears her father she escapes. At this time, there is a string tremolo ff shift to minor key. During the dueling music, there are upward sweeps in the strings and once the commandant is wounded there is a death blow, and suspenseful held chord. During the Commandant’s cry for help, there is an andante, pp, and pathetic minor phrases. After his death, there is a recitative and a harpsichord accompanied. The orchestra has a huge affect on how this composition and scene is played out.

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