The Case Of Lizzie Borden

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The famous axe murders of Fall River in 1892 shocked everyone for years and many believe that it was Lizzie Borden or was it? Lizzie Borden is accused of killing her parents with an axe. Many believe that she committed this crime but was never caught. I believe that Lizzie Borden is guilty of killing her parents. Lizzie had a rocky relationship with her stepmother before and a week before the murders Lizzie got into an argument with her father and stepmother. When police searched the house there was no sign of anyone who had tried to break into the Borden house on the day of the murders and Lizzie was the only one in the house
Lizzie should have heard the murders since she claimed to be downstairs and both of the murders occurred upstairs.Now
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In Source #3, the text states, “In the week before the murder, following an apparent family argument, Lizzie and her sister Emma left by coach for New Bedford. When Lizzie returned, she chose to stay in a rooming house for four days, rather than in her own room in the family residence.”Already having a tense relationship with her mother, an argument like this may have made Lizzie so angry that she would kill her step mother. Lizzie also had problems with her father. One of the problems she had with him was when she built a roost for pigeons and her father beheaded all of the pigeons because he thought that it attracted boys. Maybe just like her stepmother, this argument pushed Lizzie over the edge and killed her father as well. This is the first reason why I believe that lizzie is…show more content…
If Lizzie was the only person in the house at the time of her stepmother’s murder and she claimed to have not killed her, then she would have been able to hear the noise of the axe hitting her stepmother and falling to the floor.Many people could say that even though that she was downstairs she could be at a place in the house where she could but I am pretty sure she would have been able to hear her stepmother being killed.According to Source #3,” Although Lizzie claimed to have been downstairs at the very time her mother was violently murdered upstairs, she said she heard no alarming noises--this despite her mother having been struck multiple times with an axe and falling to the
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