Essay on Movie Review : ' Ella Enchanted '

Essay on Movie Review : ' Ella Enchanted '

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After a long day skiing and a hearty dinner, I sit on the leather sofa in the living room, reclining in my chair while I warm up with the heat of the fire next to me. As I listen to the chatter between all my extended family, we decide to end the night with a movie. My aunt goes upstairs to retrieve a movie from the DVD closet, she searches through the wooden shelves filled with every movie imaginable. She refuses to tell us the film, as she slides the disc into the DVD player. What eight-year-old wouldn’t be excited to watch a movie that they know nothing about? As we all watch the movie trailers before the film begins, the tension in the room rises. The suspense peaks as we all wait for the big reveal. As the words ‘Ella Enchanted’ flash across the screen, I feel disappointed. “Really?!? Ella Enchanted? Why should I be forced to watch a girl’s movie?” I think, as I contemplate leaving the room and going to sleep in my warm, top bunk. But I choose not to, because I want to spend all my time with my cousins before I leave in two days. Little did I know, the next hour and thirty-six minutes would change my perspective on life.
If you’ve ever seen the movie Ella Enchanted, you’re probably wondering how this movie could possibly change anyone’s life. It all boils down to the one word, a word that controls all of society: conformity. What I was subconsciously realizing was that Anne Hathaway wasn’t portraying a character in a film, she was acting as a female version of myself. She did everything she was told, without thinking about it. “How ridiculous?” I thought, “Who does everything that they are told to do?” After the movie, the parents told us to go to bed, to get ready for the big day that we had ahead of us. This was how they g...

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...which increasing the cost due to its proximity to a large supplier of jobs. These two factors attract people who are more educated and wealthy, looking to provide the best life for their children possible, to the northeast. While other places with worse school systems and less proximity or industrial hubs, such as the southern United States or the Midwest, do not attract these people. A rural location, where families may not make as much, will have far different social expectations and constructs in its society than a bustling city that provides jobs only for the highly educated upper class. Families in the rural area, on average, will make less than someone in a vibrant city. Conformity is the same idea no matter where it’s centered, but the ideas that we conform to are vastly different. The social construct that I’m focusing on is the need for college in our lives.

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