Movie Report : ' Bam ' Essay

Movie Report : ' Bam ' Essay

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Bam erectly elevated himself with the tech nine in his hand, “Block them niggas in Bruh. That’s yo’ shit.” Quay dashed out with the headlights on wanting to get a clear look at them. The roof dropped back on the convertible, simultaneously. Never seeing it coming, the thieves were frozen. Quay then realized that three of the thieves had confronted him at the Dome. The dude that had mumbled under his breath had driven the Hurst. The fourth dude, lo and behold, was Kane. He had gotten out on the passenger side.
Finally the driver freaked out. “Oh shit!” he spat, and then he tried to reenter the Hurst and so did Kane.
Bam busted twice with the silencer attached, striking the driver in the forearm. The two that were in the rear of the Hurst had took off running. One dropped his cellphone accidentally. The driver darted away behind them onto school property, holding his bleeding arm. Yogi ran after the thieves, chasing them off further. He retrieved the phone that the thief dropped. Dino ran Kane down, and they were tussling. Shooting Kane wasn’t what they had in mind. What they did want was to capture him.
“Aye Bruh, that’s those niggas that you had shot at Meat graduation.”
“I knew I seen they face before.” Quay blustered. “Gohdamn. I done did so much dirt to the point that I can’t keep up with it. I gotta make a change.”
“Yeah I feel ya on that.” Bam replied. It was as if his older brother had read his mind. “Aye Bruh, check the whip out, so we can find out where these niggas at.”
“Fa sho.” Quay did a swift evaluation of the Hurst, and he was beyond pissed at his findings. His four twelve-inch subwoofers, two amps, and Alpine stereo had been stolen, along with both auto batteries that he had. The one under the hood had been repla...

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...ecame more violent.
Olivia walked out of the bedroom to investigate, but Nessa ran inside, redirecting her. “Somebody’s trying to get in,” she whispered with fearful eyes. With nowhere to run, Nessa and Olivia crammed inside of the linen closet.
Now there was a BOOM at the back door. Bam rarely if ever used the back door. Now this was really alarming, because whoever was there had already defeated the locked screen door.
Straight away, Olivia shot Bam a text message reading: Bam please get here quick! Someone is trying to break in the front door and kick down your back door! Hurry!
Bam saw the text message a second later. “Ayye my nigga. We gotta get to the house. A nigga tryina kick da door in on Auntie.”
They all took off out of the bando for the Mustang, wide-open, leaving Shea, Kush, Queen, and Choppa in the bando to adjourn the mission.

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