The Movie Hotel Rwanda Begins Off With A Radio Broadcast Essay

The Movie Hotel Rwanda Begins Off With A Radio Broadcast Essay

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The film Hotel Rwanda starts off with a radio broadcast. The man on the radio is speaking against the Tutsi’s; presumably this mystery man on the radio is Georges Rutaganda, who is a Hutu militia Interahamwe. Our protagonist, Paul Rusesabagin, runs a hotel and is also a Hutu himself. He is a friendly man who gets along with everyone and does not agree with most of the other Hutu’s. His wife is a Tutsi which forces him to deal with a lot more harassment from the other Hutu’s. With Paul’s determination, he helped spark the counter revolution seen at the end of the movie.
The film takes place in the region, which is the dramaturgical perspective, the context or setting in which the performance takes place (Ferris & Stein, 132), of Rwanda. The film runs of stereotyping which is; judging others based on preconceived generalizations about groups or categories of people (Ferris & Stein, 142), and social influence which means the influence of one 's fellow group members on individual attitudes and behaviors (Ferris & Stein, 168). In the movie we see Paul getting pushed by Georges to support and join the Hutu in the fight against the Tutsi. His happens a little in the start of the film, but is seem slightly more joking. Then the movie goes on to Georges not giving Paul some supplies once Paul begins to protect Tutsis from getting killed. This is when Georges starts to try to really get Paul to join the Hutus in the fighting. The last time Paul sees Georges he told Paul that now is the time to join, because they are ready to go in and kill. Once again Paul says no. George is trying to use social influence on Paul to get him to agree with his views on the matter. Then we see as Paul and Georges talk, how much Georges stereotypes the Tutsis...

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...heard of the hotel. He helped the Tutsis and in the end he got the majority of the people in his hotel to a safe place without dying or getting hurt. This sparked something in the Tutsi’s heart and got them to fight back and take back over some of the Rwanda land.
This film was filled with twisted ideas that people truly had, and as twisted as those ideas were, they still went through. This shows the power of not only upset people, but the ability to stereotype people and use mass media to make your own people look mistreated. When big groups of people come together and change their own values, you can end up with a lot of awful things happening. Over all this film shows that not all civil wars have a quick and clean story to it, and there will always be that one people who will stand out from the rest to protect not only who they love, but what they think is right.

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