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The Movie ' Bridesmaids ' Essay

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The movie Bridesmaids has been my favorite movie since the first time I viewed it, with just the perfect amount of humor and real-life difficulties to satisfy. After I started learning about interpersonal communication I realized how many of my personal relationships use the concepts we have discussed as well as how I have used the concepts while becoming who I am now.
From the beginning of the film until the end Annie is struggling to find her own self, often she is experiencing the negative cycle of the self-concept. Contributors to the self-concept include; self-esteem, reflected appraisal and social comparison, and all of this can be subjective, flexible and resistant to change. In the first parts of the movie it really showcases that romance and her best friend Lilian are what are most important to her. The movie starts with her sleeping with a guy who she seems pretty interested in, she not only compromises to everything he wants, she also tries to make herself look better before he wakes the next morning obviously putting in the extra effort. In response he treats her like garbage and asks her to leave. This is a major moment in visualizing his reflected appraisal on Annie, as you can see he is negatively treating her which will cause a negative reaction to her own self-concept.
Further into the film Annie has breakfast with Lilian and after a few laughs they walk home accidentally going past Annie’s old bakery that went under. This scene explains the social penetration level of their relationship, obviously Annie is close enough with Lilian to talk freely about things in her life that are more towards the core of topics, where her deeper, intimate feelings are. When a person has a relationship with another you can reall...

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...d it has been for her not having her best friends support. During this scene Annie is able to see through Lily how she really is, a great, loyal friend who will always be there even if it makes her uncomfortable. Annie finally understands what is most important to her and how wrong she has been when she sees Lilian get into her honeymoon limo and drive away,
The self-concept is a complex concept that has many aspects to it and can change at any time. For Annie struggling and dealing with difficult tasks really showcased her strengths and weaknesses, it also helped her figure out how she is portraying herself compared to how she really feels and wants to be seen. In the end she may not have fully found who she is but she did realize certain parts that are too important to give up and at the same time understanding that there are things she needs to change for better.

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