Essay about The Most Significant Periods Of The 20th Century

Essay about The Most Significant Periods Of The 20th Century

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The Second World War was one of the most significant periods of the 20th century. This timeframe brought some of the greatest changes in the United States history. These changes included the civil rights movement, the modern women’s right movement, and as well new explorations into space and other frontiers. World War II brought an era of change and brought a country together to fight a global conflict. The United States drafted as much men as could to go fight the world and push for new technological advances such as the atomic bomb. On the home front, the draft left huge holes in the labor force and women saw their opportunity to help out in the war by working in these jobs. Also, during World War II, thousands of women served abroad on the war front in the United State armed forces as nurses and other small jobs. World War II made women want to do all they can to help win the battle. In this Paper, I will be using the interview with Edna M. Newby to show how World War II and other historical events improve the lives of women and change their social position.
World War II began in 1939 and was a war fought over Asia and Europe. It was one of the largest armed conflicts in history spanning all over the world and involved more countries than any other war. The war in Europe began when Nazi German invaded Poland and declares war. This was the start of one of the greatest wars in history and one of the deadliest. Contrary to any other war, World War 2 introduced powerful new technology and weapon such as the nuclear bomb. At first, United State in the 1930s had pursed a policy of isolation however; the World War II was hard keep out of when Japan was attacking us on our home front. Japan created a puppet state in Manchuria, which ...

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...feminist. In many ways, I still like men to open doors for me and things like that.” She saw the change over the war and how it affected women in finding jobs and having more options in life.
Women in World War II took many different roles in fighting the war. Unlike wars before, World War II was a global conflict and put emphasis on the entire population to help out in the war effort. This urgency for mobilization of the entire population gave women an expansion in their roles in society and the workforces. World War II created image of women being stronger and independent compared to any other war before. The United States created the concept of Rosie the Riveter to show women that they can be strong and work to support the troops. The extended skill that women gain during the Great Depression and the war gave rise to more social movement for equality for women.

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