The Most Critically Beloved Writers Of All Time Essays

The Most Critically Beloved Writers Of All Time Essays

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The iconic playwright, William Shakespeare, is one of the most critically beloved writers of all time. His timeless stories still maintain cultural relevance today, despite being written centuries ago. Part of Shakespeare 's appeal, is that his plays can be understood by the uneducated masses of Victorian England, and still be intellectually edifying to British Nobility. Characters like King Lear, who are incredibly intense and tragic, may not require much thought to understand, but deserve a profound analysis in order to fully appreciate. Timeless characters like King Lear, have been emulated in fiction ever since the character made his debut in Shakespeare 's play. Larry Cook from A Thousand Acres, although not an identical representation, is a prime example of a character that parallels Lear’s journey from King, to “a man more sinned against than sinning” (3.2.3).
All great tragedies must have a tragic hero whose tragic flaw is the driving force behind their fall from grace. In the same way as Lear, Larry possesses power, authority and land. He is heavily involved in his church community and is seen as a decent family man. Not only are his deeds admirable, but his age also commands respect from those younger than him. King Lear is ruler of one of the most powerful nations in all of Europe and is a loved King with strong allies like, Kent and Gloucester; Lear is also up in age and demands respect from those younger than him. As highly regarded public figures, each character is accustomed to seeing events play out as they wish, meaning that they have little experience in dealing with opposition or disappointment. Similarly to Lear, Larry decides to divide his property in order to avoid family conflict after his death and so th...

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...hide all. Plate sin with gold, And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks. Arm it in rags, a pigmy’s straw does pierce it.” (4.6.7). Lear is aware of these problems, but is so focused on his self-image, that he completely disregards the concerns of the people. Not only does the Kingdom suffer, but so does the relationship with his daughters. Lear is hated by his two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, while the only daughter who has genuine love for him has been banished from his Kingdom. Although not directly referenced, it is safe to assume that since the play takes place in the Middle ages of England, Lear - like most Royalty - would not directly take care for his children, but would have servants take care of them for him, thus, having little to do with the emotional development of his daughters, causing them to become bitter toward their father.

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